Sunday, September 25, 2011

Calling all fans!

Hello there!

Our rehearsals have been going well as our 2011-2012 season gets underway. we've been at a new site these last few weeks, as the Durham Arts Council building has been under renovation. We should be returning soon!
In the meantime, publicity is getting underway for Rodney Wynkoop's 25th season with the CSD. This promises to be the most exciting season of music and we want everyone to know about it!
Thats where we want your help. I'd like to hear from those who are responsible for their church newsletters, retirement center activity schedules, school music teachers, etc. Anyone who publishes musical events or who schedules musical activities for their groups. My goal is to have our concerts listed everywhere you turn for concert information! Exhausting? Yes, but thats why I'm asking for your help.
I'm hoping you'll post our concert information and encourage others to share in your enjoyment of the Choral Society of Durham!
Even if you do not participate in a newsletter or scheduling, I could still use your help. Perhaps there is a website you turn to for concert or event information. There are many out there we use and even more that I am discovering from day to day, but I don't know everything! Tell me about the websites on which you'd like to see our concert information. You can submit your suggestions to just put 'choral society' in the subject line.

This promises to be an amazing year for the Choral Society of Durham! I hope to hear from you soon, and we look forward to seeing you at our concerts this season!


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  1. Pati here, you can also submit your suggestions here on this blog as comments. Thanks!